What are QR codes ?

QR code for www.kiwivision.co.nz

You will see on the right side of the screen, down by our physical address, a "QR code" which is short for Quick Reference code.  This particular code, if you have an app installed on your smartphone , will load up our location on google maps (to save writing down our address).

These codes have been around for quite some time. Originally they were used in the motor vehicle parts industry in the late 90's, but recently have started to become more popular in the mainstream, particularly in Japan & Europe.

They are often used in advertising material (magazine ads, billboards, signs) to direct a "user" to a webiste or description of a product or service.

They are only just starting to appear in New Zealand ... some real estate companies use them on "for sale signs" and a few businesses are putting them on their vehicle or building signage.

The information contained in the codes varies, and can be a website, contact details, location, youtube video, plus many others.

To use the codes you will need an app installed on your phone. "i-nigma" is a good free one for the iphone. There are many around for all types of phones.

See the links below for more information about QR codes