The Auckland Plan


“Aucklands time has come. We now have a shared vision to be the world’s most liveable city and, for the first time, a single comprehensive plan to deliver this vision – the Auckland Plan”



It is a 30 year plan which will promote six “transformational shifts”

  1. Accelerate prospects of children and young people’
  2. Commit to environmental action
  3. move to public transport with one system
  4. Improve quality of urban living
  5. Raise living standards for all
  6. lift maori social and economic wellbeing

It is estimated that Aucklands population could grow by 1 million people over next 30 years.

It provides for 60-70% of new dwellings to be built within the existing “Urban footprint” ie: between Long Bay in the north and Papakura in the south.

The future of Auckland will include:

  • Ten Metropolitan Centres: Albany, Takapuna, Westgate, Henderson, New Lynn, Newmarket, Sylvia Park, Botany, Manukau & Papakura – these are where much of the growth will occur.
  • 33 Town Centres (see map below)
  • Rural Areas – bush, country living & rural production
  • Two Satellite Towns – Warkworth & Pukekohe






Rural Urban Boundary (RUB)

Areas identified to be investigated for future residential and business growth. North of Westgate near Kumeu & South of Papakura.







There will be a staged release of land in 10 year steps

Council will:

  • Ensure there is always 20 years forward supply of development capacity
  • Reduce development contributions for intensified development

Council Will also investigate:

  • Use of council owned land to stimulate development
  • Faster, simpler & lower cost planning and consent processes
  • Establish authorities to lead development – along with central government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Fewer than 2000 new dwellings were built in 2011 (The fewest in 30 years). This new plan anticipates and promotes for an average of 13,000 new dwellings a year over the next 30 years.


The highest priority projects

  • City Rail Link
  • Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI)
  • Additional Harbour crossing

Other priorities

  • Public Transporty improvements
  • Regional arterial road and State Highway improvements
  • Rail to the Airport
  • Planning & route protection for rail to the North Shore
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle routes
  • A Third track for rail freight to the port









Two Big Initiatives

City Centre

  • A 20 year transformation of the city centre
  • Unite the waterfront with the city centre
  • Connect the western edge (ie: Victoria Park) with the centre
  • Promote/nurture CBD as the “Engine Room” of Auckland
  • Promote/nurture Universities
  • Build underground rail stations as part of the City Rail Link
  • Connect Parks to waterfront
  • Connect City Centre to city-fringe suburbs
  • Become a “water city” – closely connected to the coast/harbour


 The Southern Initiative

Mangere, Otahuhu, Otara, Papatoetoe, Manurewa & Papakura


Within 5 years

  • Encourage family attachment and learning opportunities for children at a young age
  • Clear support for continued education after school
  • Create and “outstanding” international gateway
  • Create jobs
  • Housing development in Mangere and Manurewa

Within 10 years

  • Increased services and use of public transport
  • Raised educational achievement
  • Improved healthcare

Within 20 years

  • Promote safe, stable & happy home environments

Within 30 years

  • Improve natural and built environment