Topographical Surveys


The initial survey on most properties for almost any development will be the topographical survey. This provides all the information required for the design of subdivision boundaries, drainage (waste water & stormwater), services (power, water, telephone) roads and/or driveways, houses and pretty much anything else you can think of.

A Topographical survey will usually include the following information:

  • All Site boundary dimensions
  • Easements, Covenants and Encumbrances
  • Levels on boundaries and across site
  • Contours at 0.5m intervals
  • Houses, Buildings (including floor, roof, gutter and ridge levels)
  • Driveway & other paved areas
  • Retaining Walls (Position and Heights)
  • Significant trees with heights and driplines
  • Public & private drainage
We use 12d software to process the field data and Autocad Civi3d for final draughting and plan presentation. From this we can supply almost any format available to Architects, Landscape Designers, and Engineers.