Subdividing a piece of land, whether it's cutting the family section into 2 or developing a 100 lot residential subdivision with roading and public infrastructure, involves many disciplines, consultants and contractors. The steps in the subdivision process are :-

  • Investigation  (optional)
  • Topographical Survey
  • Scheme Plan - includes boundary design
  • Resource Consent Application - Land Use &/or Subdivision Consents (to Council)
  • Engineering Design - Shared Driveways, Roads & Public Drainage
  • Engineering Consent Application (to Council &/or Watercare)
  • Building Consent Application - Private Drainage, Demoltion & services (to Council)
  • Vehicle Crossing Permit application (to Council)
  • Setout & Supervision of Driveway/Road Construction and drainage works (liase with Contractors & Council)
  • Pegging Boundaries
  • Preparation of Cadastral Survey Dataset and Lodgement for Approval with LINZ (liase with Solicitor)
  • Application for s224c Certificate (to Council)
  • Deposit of plan and issue of new Title(s)  (by Solicitor)

A detailed description of the 21 step process of subdividing a site can be found ... here >>